What Customers Are Saying

Can I still buy bags (P101-26) or maybe they have been replaced with another number. It ’s very old hand vacuum, but still works great. model # 101 bought in Aug 1981 for 19.95

Thank You - Bud V., NY

I have a model # OV-4-ABC Metro Omnivac. Can you give me the part # for the foam filter that I must replace 3 to 4 times a year. I would like to order some to have on hand. This vacuum is the best unit I have ever owned, your products rule!
Thank you, Fred H.

I recently purchased your OMIVAC Model OV-4ABC from the Vermont Country Store. Great little vac!
Thank you.
Mary Beth W. SD

I have a vacuum cleaner that I bought from your company in 1981. The model number is 101, and the packaging says "Metro All-Purpose Portable Vacuum Cleaner." I am in need of new vacuum bags, and I was wondering which bags to purchase (product number and price).
Thank you Sam S.
San Francisco, CA

I just wish to express my total satisfaction with my metro pro full size vacuum. It's the best vacuum I have ever purchased. I am proud to own a machine of this quality made in the USA! Keep on making them. I will spread the word about them. Thanks again. Happy Holidays!
Thank you Harold G.

I’m trying to find P101-26 bags for my Metro Vac-Ette hand vacuum cleaner. It's a great cleaner. Purchaseded it in the '70's. Still going strong. They sure don't make 'em like they used to!
David S.

Last year (March or February) I purchased a Metro Omnivac Model OV-4-ABC from the Vermont General Store. I’m 81 years old and love the cleaner, find it easy to use and it does a great job. My son was so impressed with the cleaner I purchased one for him for Christmas also from the Vermont General Store.
Thank you,
Nelly W.

Hi, I am a proud owner of an "Orange" Vac 'N, Blo VBN-73 for over 10 years. I love using this vacuum, it's great and I would miss it if I cannot find a replacement collection bag. Recently, I was emptying the permanent cloth bag and left it unattended. My dog wanted to test the durability of the fabric and shredded it. I searched your website looking for it but no such luck. Can you please render assistance. I look forward to your reply.
Chris S.

This is a super machine and so sensible. I truly like the machine. I like practical things, and I had wanted a 4 hp canister vacuum forever, it seems. I count on the Vermont Country Store to find unusual and no-nonsense items, and they hit the jackpot this time. Thanks again.
Betty P.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you about the ED500. I regret not purchasing it sooner, as it has already paid for itself in dusting out PC's/networking equipment as well as the Roomba's filters. It is obvious that it is made for a lifetime of use, and has a permanent place in the drawer. Thanks for making a reliable high quality product.

Josh C. PA