What Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to let you know I got the Vac-n-Blo yesterday from Autogeek. It is by far the best and strongest vacuum I have ever used. Its nice and compact, and yet unbelievably powerful. It has replaced my shop type vac as the detailing vacuum for the cars I work on.

Stephan Z., CT

I have your hand held car vac with a regular household plug from 1978. It is called METRO Model #101--I need the replacement disposable bags, they are made of paper with a circle ring with about 3-4 inch opening made of a thin cardboard. Where can I purchase them, are they still available?

Susan M., RI

I bought an OV-4 the end of January (1/31/07).. (from The Vermont Country Store) .. I misplaced my registration card and just noticed that it's too late to register it.
But I wanted to be sure to tell you that I find it to be an amazing, wonderful little machine. I have tried many and searched for a long time for a 'real' vacuum cleaner ... one of quality, that is very powerful and easy to move around with, with useful attachments and a long hose, plus this one is even small and light-weight. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that the tiny little filter bag lasts longer than I expected; the contents appear to get very compressed. This fine tool will be a part of my household for a long time.

Julia D., WA

Hi, I Purchased your Vac N BLO portable Vacuum from AUTOGEEK.NET, and with it came the Four Wheel Dolly. I was shocked how powerful the little guy is. The Vac is excellent. An excellent buy.....

Alan D., CA

My boarder, who has a 4.0 hp Vac'n'Blo that I have been using for our horses is moving away. My first thought was -- oh no! I've got to replace the vacuum. I see that you make a wall mounted vacuum for cars with a 24 ft hose. Could I buy that unit with the horse grooming attachments? Where would I purchase bags? The other option is buying the 4.0 hp large animal model with a wall mounting bracket. Do you sell that? You make a great product! My horses LOVE being vacuumed, and I don't have to breathe dust and horse hair!

Susan S., VTL

Hi, I have a Metro AF 3 that I purchased in 1990. Yup, 1990! It still works great! I hope the new Master Blaster I bought works as well and lasts as long as the AF 3. Anyway, I was wondering if you had a manual for the AF 3 - specifically a parts list - I have not changed ANYTHING except filters on the dryer and I think I should change the brushes or whatever the parts are in there. Then again, maybe I should leave it alone because it is working! Seriously - I love this dryer and am thinking about giving it to my son - he has his first Samoyed and this would help him with grooming. I thought I would give the dryer a good tune-up before giving it to him. I hope you can help me.

Thanks! - Theresa M., AL

Hi, I am a proud owner of an "Orange" Vac 'N, Blo VBN-73 for over 10 years. I love using this vacuum, it's great and I would miss it if I cannot find a replacement collection bag. Recently, I was emptying the permanent cloth bag and left it unattended. My dog wanted to test the durability of the fabric and shredded it. I searched your website looking for it but no such luck. Can you please render assistance. I look forward to your reply.
Chris S.

Last year (March or February) I purchased a Metro Omnivac Model OV-4-ABC from the Vermont General Store. I’m 81 years old and love the cleaner, find it easy to use and it does a great job. My son was so impressed with the cleaner I purchased one for him for Christmas also from the Vermont General Store.
Thank you,
Nelly W.

I’m trying to find P101-26 bags for my Metro Vac-Ette hand vacuum cleaner. It's a great cleaner. Purchaseded it in the '70's. Still going strong. They sure don't make 'em like they used to!
David S.

I just wish to express my total satisfaction with my metro pro full size vacuum. It's the best vacuum I have ever purchased. I am proud to own a machine of this quality made in the USA! Keep on making them. I will spread the word about them. Thanks again. Happy Holidays!
Thank you Harold G.