What Customers Are Saying

I am looking to find a part for my Metro AirForce Dog dryer. Model AFTD1....I purchased it around 1986 or so and I have never had a problem with it....until now. The switch (hi/off/low) has fused together and is now broken. Is there a replacement switch that I can purchase from you so that I can repair this? I LOVE this dryer and have had it for so long, I would love to be able to fix it.
Hope you can help me. PS Boy, I can testify that you guys build a product to last!!!! 20 + years and this is my first problem with it..
Lynette L.

I purchased the canister vacuum from your professional line close to 2 years ago. Not only have I been so impressed with the performance of its capability to keep our carpets looking like new (which is not an easy task with a toddler), but I've been equally impressed with your outstanding customer service. It is by far superior to any other company that I've have ever dealt with. Just this past week the prong from the hose broke off and I was frantic about how I was ever going to fix it. When I called your 800 number I was expecting to be referred to a repair shop. Instead, you had me ship it to you directly and you repaired it within 24 hours and had it back to me the following day. Thank you again for all your help.
Liz M.

I have your hand held car vac with a regular household plug from 1978. It is called METRO Model #101--I need the replacement disposable bags, they are made of paper with a circle ring with about 3-4 inch opening made of a thin cardboard. Where can I purchase them, are they still available?

Susan M., RI

I just wanted to let you know I got the Vac-n-Blo yesterday from Autogeek. It is by far the best and strongest vacuum I have ever used. Its nice and compact, and yet unbelievably powerful. It has replaced my shop type vac as the detailing vacuum for the cars I work on.

Stephan Z., CT

Sir: I wish you to know how thrilled I am with the Metro Omni Vac I just purchased. It is exactly the vacuum cleaner I have been looking for for ten years. In the meantime I acquired four (4) vacuum cleaners new. They are obsolete and going to Good Will or the Salvation Army as far as I’m concerned. I’m 89 years old but I know that my daughter will appreciate it aft I stop cleaning!

Sincerely, Muriel O., WI

I purchased a Metro Omnivac in the 80s. It has been a wonderful vacuum, but I think it's time to replace it. Is it possible to get one vacuum that would work for hardwood floors, upholstery, and that could also be used to vacuum a basement with concrete floors and open beam ceilings?

Angela G., IA

I am looking for a part number for a Merto Vac (Model 101) filter bag (paper or cloth). This unit was purchased about 30 years ago and is still going strong.

Thank you - William R., NJ

I purchased a Magic Air inflator (great product!) and am looking for a mounting bracket so I can stow it on my boat. I recently saw an inflator at a boat show that looked a lot like your product and it was on such plastic mount. Any idea where I can find these mounting brackets? Please email me back.

Thanks - Victor C.

My boarder, who has a 4.0 hp Vac'n'Blo that I have been using for our horses is moving away. My first thought was -- oh no! I've got to replace the vacuum. I see that you make a wall mounted vacuum for cars with a 24 ft hose. Could I buy that unit with the horse grooming attachments? Where would I purchase bags? The other option is buying the 4.0 hp large animal model with a wall mounting bracket. Do you sell that? You make a great product! My horses LOVE being vacuumed, and I don't have to breathe dust and horse hair!

Susan S., VTL

Hi, I have a Metro AF 3 that I purchased in 1990. Yup, 1990! It still works great! I hope the new Master Blaster I bought works as well and lasts as long as the AF 3. Anyway, I was wondering if you had a manual for the AF 3 - specifically a parts list - I have not changed ANYTHING except filters on the dryer and I think I should change the brushes or whatever the parts are in there. Then again, maybe I should leave it alone because it is working! Seriously - I love this dryer and am thinking about giving it to my son - he has his first Samoyed and this would help him with grooming. I thought I would give the dryer a good tune-up before giving it to him. I hope you can help me.

Thanks! - Theresa M., AL