What Customers Are Saying

I bought this being pretty skeptical of the product.... Wow this thing blew me away. The $100 I spent for the sidekick is worth its weight in gold to me after washing my bike today. I am strongly suggesting this to my friends and fellow riders. Keep up the great work!

Ryan L. CA

Can I still buy bags (P101-26) or maybe they have been replaced with another number. It ’s very old hand vacuum, but still works great. model # 101 bought in Aug 1981 for 19.95

Thank You - Bud V., NY

I just received one of your vacuums I ordered from The Vermont Country Store. I am very pleased with it. I have 4 cats, 3 are long-haired, and I am very impressed with the ability of the machine to pick up cat hair. There is plenty of power and I like the compact size. Thank you for keeping your factory in the USA, and for offering a Made In the USA choice for a vacuum.

Sharon W. KS

Dear Folks,

I recently purchased an Metro OmniVac from The Vermont Store. I wanted to thank you for making a great "little" vacuum. My old vacuum was 35yrs old, a mint green Hoover upright, made in the USA. I needed a new vacuum but refused to buy a foreign made one. While still using the worn-out Hoover I waited and searched for 5 years for a new one made in the USA.

Carolyn G, MD


I did want to tell you that our old Air Force model AF3 isn’t broken after all these years of use and has NEVER been repaired, it just is rusting and looks bad so it will stay home from the shows and the new little guy will travel…

Thanks again from a VERY satisfied old customer…keep up the good work, in 20 years or so I might want another…

Sharon G. IL

Professional Detailer
COMMENTS: Went into business last July, I purchased your VAC N BLO CAR VAC product two months after we started. It saved us over half an hour vacuuming and cleaning compared our previous equipment.
I had a question on a part - was notified within 3 minutes with a response. Other vendors we have don't compare! Keep up the great work - the product works extremely well, durable and fast! Its must have for anyone who does ANY vacuuming!

Thank you for putting out a great product!

Fred P, IL

I purchased model VNB73 car Vac ‘N Blo. I hope I was able to impress upon you how exceptional your product is. It is rare that I am truly overwhelmed and impressed by a product. I usually hope for what was promised. Your vacuum is really outstanding, I would dare to say without compare. Thanks for the info.

Derek L. CA

Hello Metro: I have wanted to thank you for making truly great vacuum cleaners in the USA. I already had a few of them but not the ADM models we purchased, recently. They are by far the best product in the industry; we have tried almost every brand of vacs.

Howard G. IL

I just bought the ADM-4 vac and I do love it immensely. I have two cats and a German shepherd and this is the greatest power in a vacuum that I've ever seen. Amazing product.

Laurie D, MI

I am looking for filters for a Metro Vac-Ette, Model 101, VM-2N. This fine steel vacuum cleaner was handed down from previous generations and was used today (5/10/08) to clean the inside of a computer!

Francis Y, NY