What Customers Are Saying

I just received one of your vacuums I ordered from The Vermont Country Store. I am very pleased with it. I have 4 cats, 3 are long-haired, and I am very impressed with the ability of the machine to pick up cat hair. There is plenty of power and I like the compact size. Thank you for keeping your factory in the USA, and for offering a Made In the USA choice for a vacuum.

Sharon W. KS

Hi, I Purchased your Vac N BLO portable Vacuum from AUTOGEEK.NET, and with it came the Four Wheel Dolly. I was shocked how powerful the little guy is. The Vac is excellent. An excellent buy.....

Alan D., CA

I bought an OV-4 the end of January (1/31/07).. (from The Vermont Country Store) .. I misplaced my registration card and just noticed that it's too late to register it.
But I wanted to be sure to tell you that I find it to be an amazing, wonderful little machine. I have tried many and searched for a long time for a 'real' vacuum cleaner ... one of quality, that is very powerful and easy to move around with, with useful attachments and a long hose, plus this one is even small and light-weight. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that the tiny little filter bag lasts longer than I expected; the contents appear to get very compressed. This fine tool will be a part of my household for a long time.

Julia D., WA

I recently purchased your large pet vacuum. Have a small horse farm. LOVE your vacuum. It does a fabulous job! (Also, LOVE the fact that it is American made.) Keep up the great work!

Thank you!
Jacalyn O.

I was thrilled to find your machines. I feel as though I have been searching years for the holy grail. I hate to admit how much i have spent on vacuums; only to be disappointed.

Thank you
Christina Q.

I have a Metro Vac N Blo, VNB7 120V vacume from many years ago and still LOVE it. After almost 20 years, I need to get some replacement parts Thanks.

Linda H.

I am looking for filters for a Metro Vac-Ette, Model 101, VM-2N. This fine steel vacuum cleaner was handed down from previous generations and was used today (5/10/08) to clean the inside of a computer!

Francis Y, NY

I just bought the ADM-4 vac and I do love it immensely. I have two cats and a German shepherd and this is the greatest power in a vacuum that I've ever seen. Amazing product.

Laurie D, MI

Hello Metro: I have wanted to thank you for making truly great vacuum cleaners in the USA. I already had a few of them but not the ADM models we purchased, recently. They are by far the best product in the industry; we have tried almost every brand of vacs.

Howard G. IL

I purchased model VNB73 car Vac ‘N Blo. I hope I was able to impress upon you how exceptional your product is. It is rare that I am truly overwhelmed and impressed by a product. I usually hope for what was promised. Your vacuum is really outstanding, I would dare to say without compare. Thanks for the info.

Derek L. CA