What Customers Are Saying

For those of us who are old enough to remember what it means, this vacuum is what used to be called a "quality American-made product". After having spent a lot of time, money, and frustration on vacuums that don't last more than ten years at the most, I finally decided to follow my own advice and purchase a product that actually exceeds my expectations.  It is the best investment I have ever made, and you'll have to pry this vacuum from my cold dead fingers to make me give it up!  MetroVac rocks!

Barbara B. - Colorado

Dear Sirs,

I recently purchased your MagiAir inflator/deflator Model 1-IDAR for use in my cigarette Iighter. I had just bought an inflatable queen size air mattress to use when we go camping, and normally, the stores displayed this with various makes of 12 volt inflators. Much to my dismay, using one of these products meant preparing well in advance for your trip, because apparently it was going to take two days to blow up the mattress. As I was planning to head for Colorado shortly, and knew that we passed the Cabelas store in Kansas City, I checked the Cabelas catalog, and saw your product displayed. We went to Kansas City, bought the last one on the shelf, and headed for our camp. That is why am writing-not only is your product made in US (very important to me), it is well made, easy-to-use, and does exactly what it promises in an amazingly short time. It took under 10 minutes to fully inflate the mattress, and about 30 seconds every couple of days to maintain it. Then it helped on the way back by deflating it quickly and thoroughly. Thank you for a very satisfied customer for making such an excellent product.


Ted Kingin

A B&H salesperson highly recommended the DataVac for cleaning computer interiors. Checking out DataVac's online reviews, I was so impressed I purchased the DataVac to clean the inside of my very dusty computer. The blower did a GREAT job and I became an instant fan! Terrific product.

Looking through the MetroVac brochure, the company/family portrait and product shots really caught my eye!! It says a lot when a company invests in high quality photography. Wonderful to see people know that good photography makes a difference.

Again, great product!


I never thought I'd send something like this, much less for a vacuum, but I wanted to thank you for your fine product. I use the Datavac/3 at work daily vacuuming out computers, which in my opinion is the worst part of my job, into a simple, easy and most importanly, clean task. Everything about the vacuum is well designed and simple. I just needed to say thank you so much!

Best to you and your family,
Brian S, CO

Hello, I purchased your VNB-83BA this passed summer and I love it.
Great tool! I would like to know if you have a carry-all bag for it? I hate putting it back in the original box just to keep eveything in the same place.

Michael F, NJ

Just purchased one of your DATAVACS, took it into the field where we clean and maintain commercial and industrial sound equipment. We clean out racks of electrical equipment on a monthly basis and this unit is the BEST tool we've ever tried. Powerful, light weight, quick setup and easy to tote around. Great product, we'll be buying more of these real soon. Anyone that performs maintenance on electrical, communications and or audio/visual gear need one of these in the truck. Keep up the good work! Thank you, William K. PA

Just puchased a DataVac Pro for use at work. (AV systems maintenance). What a complete and total delight to find such an effective and well made tool. I was so beyond impressed with the initial performance that I was looking for a web link to email to my boss/coworkers (which can be found on the registration card). Upon coming to your website, you continued to exceed myexpectations.

On your website you back a quality performing product with replacement parts, which means that we can use these without fear because you support them.

I will tell others about how excellent that Metro vacuums are and plan to go back to the store to purchase one for cleaning computers and home theater racks/equipment in my house. I have already told my co-workers that this is the best solution that I have seen bar none. I am rarely impressed with products, as I have high expectations. In my job work with some of the finest AV equipment in the world, and it is a real pleasure to have such quality crafted tools to service those systems with. Thank you Metro!

Veronica S. CA

I recently purchased the above vacuum. I like the vacuum. One time through
my carpet and it has picked up half a bag of dirt after vacuuming with my
old vac.

Thank you,
Alan J. FL

Thanks so much for Air Force Quick Draw.. before I got the Quick Draw, I was using a hair dryer for people to blow dry "Tate", my Shorkie.

Funny story, as I was drying him with the Quick Draw last Sunday, he sat up, held his head up and moved from it from side to side, he turned his body so that I would dry him.In the past when I used the regular blow dryer, Tate would curl up and/or run away, I would have to chase him, pull and roll him over to dry him. As for Pepe the chihuahua, I was never able to blow dry him, he would run and hide.

It was crazy here when I had the Quick Draw on, drying him , Pepe (my chihuahua) and the cats got really interested, Pepe came over, so that I would put the dryer on him, cats thought it was game, as I blew the dryer towards them.

I was cracking up and actually enjoyed drying Tate. Wish I had video taped it. Cats and dogs enjoying a "blow dryer"

Not only did we have fun, but the Quick Dry made Tate hair softer and fluffier.. His skin is not drying out, as he gets regular bathes at least 2 twice per month..

Love the product ..

Thanks for the Quick Dry Pet Dryer

Jackie R. NY

What a quality piece of USA made equipment!

I haven't tried the Air Force Master Blaster out blow drying my new Corvette yet, however after pretesting, there certainly isn't a lack of air velocity to get the job done..................

It's like my owning my own personal tornado.

Thanks again,

Randy R. MI