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MagicAir® Electric Inflator/Deflator

MagicAir® Electric Inflator/Deflator

The best companion an inflatable ever had! 

Magic-Air® takes the work out of inflating and deflating.  It's fast, easy to use and produces a high volume of air. It’s ideal for inflating and deflating boats, pools, mattresses, cage balls or toys. 

The Magic Air is lightweight, compact, and a rugged all-steel construction. It features a weather resistant baked enamel finish. Magic-Air® is great for boaters, campers, vacationers, schools, institutions, etc. 

MagicAir Comes in three different models:

  • Electric Plug-In (110-IDAR)
  • Auto Adaptor (12-IDAR)
  • Battery Clip Connection (12V-IDBCR)
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Specs Table

MagicAir® Electric Inflator/Deflator110-IDAR12-IDAR12V-IDBCR
Construction:Sturdy All Steel Baked Enamel FinishSturdy All Steel Baked Enamel FinishSturdy All Steel Baked Enamel Finish
Motor / Voltage:.75 Peak HP / 110/120 VoltsAuto Adaptor / 12 VoltsBattery Clips / 12 Volts
Amps:4.5 Amps12 Amps12 Amps
Watts:500 Watts140 Watts140 Volts
Airflow: CFM/FPM70 CFM / 10,000 FPM20 CFM / 8,000 FPM20 CFM / 8,000 FPM
Cord:11 ft11 ft11 ft
Weight:3 lbs.3 lbs.3 lbs.
Accessories:Tapered adapters 7/8" OD, 3/16" ODTapered adapters 7/8" OD, 3/16" ODTapered adapters 7/8" OD, 3/16" OD



Product Reviews

Dear Sirs, I recently purchased your MagicAir inflator/deflator Model 12-IDAR for use in my cigarette Iighter. I had just bought an inflatable queen size air mattress to use when we go camping, and normally, the stores displayed this with various makes of 12 volt inflators. Much to my dismay, using one of these products meant preparing well in advance for your trip, because apparently it was going to take two days to blow up the mattress. As I was planning to head for Colorado shortly, and knew that we passed the Cabelas store in Kansas City, I checked the Cabelas catalog, and saw your product displayed. We went to Kansas City, bought the last one on the shelf, and headed for our camp. That is why am writing-not only is your product made in US (very important to me), it is well made, easy-to-use, and does exactly what it promises in an amazingly short time. It took under 10 minutes to fully inflate the mattress, and about 30 seconds every couple of days to maintain it. Then it helped on the way back by deflating it quickly and thoroughly. Thank you for a very satisfied customer for making such an excellent product. Sincerely ~ Ted Kingin
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