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MetroVac Supports Police K-9 Units with Donations of Pet Dryers

Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 16:00

MetroVac Supports Police K-9 Units with Donations of Pet Dryers

 For the last 20 years, the New Jersey-based company has supported the USPCA.


OAKLAND, N.J. (August 31, 2017) – Our nation depends on well trained K-9s to protect us from criminals, terrorists and other potential threats. The tristate (NY, NJ, and CT) region’s police dogs not only do their job well but look great doing it thanks to their healthy skin and coats.   That is the idea behind MetroVac’s generous donation of pet dryers to the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA). On August, 16, MetroVac attended the association’s regional training day in Suffern, N.Y. to donate another dryer.

The donation is just the most recent show of generosity by the New Jersey based company which has been donating pet dryers to K-9 units for the past 20 years. The dryers are used by K-9 units in the USPCA’s region 7 which encompasses all of New York State, as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. MetroVac donates about 4 dryers per year and provides free upkeep of the dryers as needed.

K-9 units support law enforcement in a variety of ways. The well-trained dogs are used for tracking, such as finding a lost person; evidence recovery; SWAT team support; building searches; and maintaining a perimeter. K-9 specialties include narcotics detection and explosives detection.

“Sometimes, in the course of their work, the dogs come in contact with harmful substances on their coats or bodies, and their handlers need to groom or wash them immediately,” said Suffern K-9 Officer Lou Venturini. “Having these donated dryers from MetroVac allows us to keep our canines healthy so they can do their very important work.”

“We are honored to support the life-saving work done by the K-9 units in the tri-state area,” said David Stern, MetroVac’s Vice President of Marketing. “When we see the outcome of their hard work, whether it be the collaring of a criminal or the recovery of a lost child, it is very rewarding.”

MetroVac was honored by the USPCA for its ongoing commitment to support the K-9 units through its generous donations of dryers for two decades running.

Caption: Mamaroneck Police Officer Ozzie Ramos and his canine, Vincent, were among those who recently received donated pet dryers from MetroVac.

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