Air Force® Blaster®

Air Force® Blaster® B-3

Introducing the Metro Air Force Blaster.

  • It has so much power packed into its innovative design, they cut drying time as much as 75%.
  • Just flip the switch and these two high-speed dryers literally blast water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently.
  • Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, they’re the most powerful dryers available today.
  • You’ll groom more dogs in less time for greater profits!
  • These machines are perfectly safe! They have no heating element so they dry even heavy-coated dogs without drying out their coats.
  • You’ll save time, increase profits and groom dogs beautifully.
  • Plus, these all-steel power units are easy to use and deliver high performance without high prices.
  • Powerful. Fast. Affordable.
  • The Metro Air Force Blasters put more power in your hands and more money in your pocket.

Available in 220V.  Please call to order.