Turbo 2000™ ADM-1

Turbo 2000™ ADM-1
Price: $356.50

The Turbo 2000 provides a professionally cleaned look in your home.

• Heavy duty 1.7 Peak HP motor with efficient air flow design.

• Air washes carpets, drapes, floor and furnishings.

• It features an electric motor driven powerhead with beater bar brush action.

• Gets out hidden germs, dirt, and grit which other vacs leave behind.

• It features a durable all steel baked enamel finish.

• The Turbo 200 has a 1.7 Peak HP motor, 8.7 amps, Triple Filtration, and Cord Storage halo.

• It includes a 7’ Flexible Hose, two 20” Steel Extension Wands, a Heavy Duty Nozzle, Crevice and Fabric Tools, and a Carpet/Floor Dust Brush.

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