OmniVac® OV-1BC

Power. Performance. Portability. Classic Black a new generation of beautiful powerful cleaning systems. A powerhouse for tackling tough jobs with ease. Nothing beats Omnivac® for getting out imbedded dirt. That's because it is way ahead on all these important features: power, performance and portability. Power: Thanks to a 1.17 Peak HP motor and efficient flow thru design. Omnivac’s® suction is far superior to most ordinary vacuum cleaners and its reversible, 200 mph air blower sweeps up garages, workshops, walkways, and inflates infaltables too. Performance: When it comes to results even much more expensive upright models can take a back seat to Omnivac®. The combination rug and floor tool, goes from carpet to bare floors with a touch of a switch, to clean everything from carpets and floors to walls and ceilings. Portability: This all steel heavy duty vac weighs a surprising 8lbs so its light enough to be carried over the shoulder or it can be rolled along on its smooth gliding wheels and swivel caster.

Optional Accessories:

4 1/2" Hand Held Turbine Driven Rotating Brush MVC-200D

6" Hand Held Turbine Driven Rotating Brush MVC-200B

10 1/2" Turbine Driven Revolving Brush MVC-200C

Disposable Paper Bags (Package of 5) to fit METRO OV Models.


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