MagicAir® Electric Inflator/Deflator

MagicAir® Electric Inflator/Deflator

The best companion an inflatable ever had! 

Magic-Air® takes the work out of inflating and deflating.  It's fast, easy to use and produces a high volume of air. It’s ideal for inflating and deflating boats, pools, mattresses, cage balls or toys. 

The Magic Air is lightweight, compact, and a rugged all-steel construction. It features a weather resistant baked enamel finish. Magic-Air® is great for boaters, campers, vacationers, schools, institutions, etc. 

MagicAir Comes in three different models:

  • Electric Plug-In (110-IDAR)
  • Auto Adaptor (12-IDAR)
  • Battery Clip Connection (12V-IDBCR)

Available in 220V.  Please call to order.