Hit Zone® Standard Tennis HZ-1T

Hit Zone® Standard Tennis HZ-1T
Price: $199.95

The Hit Zone® Standard is a phenomenal aid for tennis training.

You hear coaches say "feet" and "footwork" a lot, but the whole point there is to be on the move and still land and set up in the exact same position in relation to the ball and achieve the same contact point.

Not only is the Hit Zone® a great training tool for form and repetitive technique, but there will be an enormous additional bonus that allows a tennis player to truly measure exactly where they should be in relation to the ball for the perfect hit.

The Hit Zone® offers a ball hanging midair, allowing a tennis player to essentially "freeze time," walk slowly up to the ball, measure the proper distance and create a clear mental image of that exact position in relation to the ball.

Design your own drills, such as movement drills of a player starting 10 feet in front of the Hit Zone, quickly backing up, locking position and hitting, running forward 15 feet, setting up and hitting, then side to side, etc. etc.

This standard model features a powerful 1.3 Peak HP blower motor and patented Hit Zone® reinforced fabric nozzle.

An excellent, economical choice for any tennis player!

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