Hit Zone® JR. HZ-B500

SKU: HZ-B500
Hit Zone® JR. HZ-B500
Price: $149.95

The Hit Zone® JR. is the perfect way to develop skills for your future star.

Developed by a former Minnesota Twins slugger to make tee practice more fun, and a lot more effective.

All the benefits of our standard model, sized for the junior ball player.

From sandlot to the majors, Hit Zone® Jr. is a great way to improve any player’s swing.

Hit Zone® Jr. eliminates tee shyness, which causes players to swing high to avoid accidentally damaging the tee.

With Hit Zone® Jr., if a player hits the patented tee nozzle, the bat passes right through with no damage. The reinforced Fabric Nozzle pops back up instantly.

The powerful blower motor suspends the ball on a column of air.

Balls float and spin simulating real pitches.

Indestructible patented fabric nozzle designed to take a beating.

Durable Steel Blower units stand up to years of abuse.

Models feature a powerful .75 Peak HP blower motor and patented Hit Zone® reinforced fabric nozzle.

An excellent, economical choice for any baseball or softball player!

Compatible with most lightweight practice balls.

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