CageMaster® Plus CM-3

CageMaster® Plus CM-3
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The Metro Air Force Cagemaster Plus is the safest way to cage dry your dogs.

  • The powerful 4.0 HP motor and 1-1⁄4" diameter hose deliver a high-velocity air stream that blows water quickly off the thickest, wettest coats.
  • Cut grooming time by as much as two-thirds.
  • The six foot drying hose is extra-large in diameter, a full 2 1/2" so it can carry a gale force air into cages.
  • Because there is no heating element, CageMaster® Plus won't overheat or dehydrate your dog.
  • There's no hot air to injure a dog's scalp or coat.
  • CageMaster® Plus is constructed of durable steel, so it can take all the punishment you dish out.
  • Just hook it onto the cage and it does all the work.
  • The Cagemaster Plus includes a 4.0 HP motor, 6 ft. Hose, Air flow control, Air Concentrator, Groomer’s Rake, and cage Attachment.

Available in 220V.  Please call to order.

Motor: 4 HP 

Amps: 11.25

Air Volume: 130 CFM (with 1-1⁄4" hose) 234 CFM (with 21⁄2" Hose)

Air Speed: 28,000 FPM (with 1-1⁄4" hose) 5,600 FPM (with 21⁄2" Hose)

Heat: Warm Air (no heating element) 

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