Air Force® Blaster Motorcycle Dryer B3-CD

Air Force® Blaster Motorcycle Dryer B3-CD
Price: $249.99

The Metro Air Force Blaster® Car & Motorcycle Dryer is the perfect weapon to add to your detailing arsenal.

But for drying entire cars, nothing beats the MASTER BLASTER® MB3-CD!

  • These units are ideal for drying “parts” of cars.
  • Perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, and other inaccessible areas of vehicles, etc.
  • The Blaster® can even thoroughly dry smaller cars.
  • Light water spots and drip lines on your chrome and paint with a motorcycle/auto dryer worthy of your ride.
  • With the flip of the switch, the Metro Air Force Blaster® Motorcycle Dryer unleashes up to 29,250 ft. per minute to chase water right off your paint, metal and chrome.
  • There’s no heating element, so there’s no potential for damage.
  • The punchy 4 HP motor and two-stage fan blasts moisture away without the need of heat.
  • Your baby will be perfectly dry in no time giving you more time to ride.
  • All steel construction, heavy-duty attachments and an E/Z change foam filter make the Blaster a dryer you can rely on.
  • The 12 ft. cord, 10 ft. commercial-grade hose and slight 8lb. weight give you plenty of portability and range.
  • The Metro Air Force Blaster features a 4HP Two-Stage Dual Fan Motor, 10 ft Commercial Grade Hose, Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower Nozzle, 12 ft. Heavy Duty Cord, and EZ Change Foam Filter.

Available in 220V.  Please call to order.

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